Game's done.

Game's out! 

Took way too long, a plethora of changes went out, and many, many promises that were on this page were not met. Things like an endgame and baked in mission mechanics didn't make the cut. I set the bar too high, raised expectations, and I deeply apologize for not pulling through on those fronts.

There will be periodic updates, like a mission or a few new enemies here and there. 

But, for now, onto other projects. Learned a bunch from this, and I hope you'll continue to support me after this

Also threw in some more community copies.

On the house.

Best Regards,



GUNBARE.pdf 192 kB
Jul 28, 2021
GUNBARE Player Edition.pdf 136 kB
Jul 28, 2021
GUNBARE_Char_Sheet.pdf 443 kB
Jul 28, 2021
GUNBARE_Battlesheet.pdf 702 kB
Jul 28, 2021


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